Hello. My name is Eva. I wanted to introduce myself in a few sentences, and say „hi, I am Eva, from Hungary, a wanna-be-artist and author, a translator, an HR Professional, interested in psychology and self-development…blah blah blah…” and then I realized that this is so not important. I am not my defined by my profession, or by my current job. I am basically just me. Just Eva. It is much more important why I am here.

I believe we all have talents. I believe that each and every one of us has some sort of a natural skill, a speciality or expertise… a gift, that would have a positive impact on others if shared. When I say talent, in this context, I do not think of people with „superpowers”, I think about those things that we feel drawn towards, that comes most natural, that are almost effortless for one, but unimaginably hard (or just unimaginable) for another. The skills we do not even recognize as skills, because we think it is given, basic, everyone knows it, everyone does it the same way. Until it turns out differently.

We are all experts in something, and I think we are here to learn from each other, to share, to connect, so we can play our part in the Great Plan.  Sometimes we just need a little nudge, sometimes we need much more, to discover our talents, and build up the courage to actually show up and share it with others.

I, myself, need to be inspired, and I wish to inspire on. I am still on the discovery road, which seems like a neverending journey, and this site is my tool to share my internal world, to invite companion. The only possible way for me is via creativity. Via creating. Via leading a creative life.

My why is to inspire people to make it happen, so that each of us can thrive and create a positive ripple in our world.



„Make it happen!” is my anchor thought. My go-to picture in my mind, my instruction to myself when my thoughts need to be yanked back up front, from the back of my brain where the Chimp fools around. Make it happen is my ultimate wish, my dream, my goal. I see it in my mind’s eye in different forms, sometimes it is a barely visible, gentle reminder in a handwritten letter form, other times it is an arrogantly and wildly blinking neon sign in my head. I can also hear a voice.

I had a chosen mentor once. An „unofficial” mentor, as I basically just told him that he is my mentor from now on, he never really had a vote in it. We worked together in the UK, he was leading one of the teams I was working with. His name is Glenn. He was (and I am sure still is) driven by creativity and innovation. A role-model of curiosity, constantly seeking inspiration and a living proof of caring leadership.

When I decided that I would return to Hungary, I had some farewell drinks with the team, and they gave me a card. It has been 10 years, and I still have that card. It is precious to me in so many ways. I have never ever felt so appreciated as a colleague. Their heartfelt messages made my day, and still do whenever I read them. Glenn’s message, however, reached into my deepest core. He could truly see me. He knew that I was (and still am) passionate about creativity and innovation, he knew that there is much more in me that I could show and share. His note said: „Eva, thanks for your hard work and for being you! Good luck with everything and please make it happen. Glenn”

Thanks for being you. PLEASE make it happen! …This message, the team’s appreciation and love stayed with me since then, and always will. My 1,5-year long lollipop moment. Truly changed my life.

10 years passed by. I am still working on myself, and I still do not have the faintest clue about how I am actually going to do it, but I promise you this: one way or another, in this lifetime, I will MAKE. IT. HAPPEN. Full stop.