I have a Squad in my head. I call them my Chatter Team. They are basically the voices of my thoughts and feelings. As I started to listen to them more closely, I discovered some distinctive characters. Some of them emerged, some of them were deliberately created by me. They are sort of sub-parts of the Chimp, and I picture them as a Squad, with the Chimp as the Team Lead, and me (The Human) as The Leader.

They are a colourful bunch, performing some great and not so great shows (every minute of) every day.

I will introduce them one by one as I am inching forward on my way to become a much better Leader.




My Chimp lives in my brain, on the back side, that scientists call the limbic brain. He is responsible for my instincts, my tantrums, my hysterical outbursts and basically for all of my sudden emotional reactions. He is the one pulling the emergency brake, driving self-sabotage and resistance. He is the one that is making me do things I do not want to do, and sabotage things I do want to do. He is also the best protector ever. He is alert, never really sleeps, always on a lookout. He sees everything. I usually picture him as he is sitting on my shoulder, jumping from one side to the other while looking out for possible danger.

He is super quick and extremely strong. He can be playful and threatening. He moves and acts suddenly, he is from the jungle, so his priorities are based on survival and instant gratification, and are not at all reasonable or logical. He has his own purpose, agenda and personality. He is not good, nor bad, he is a Chimp.

And we all have one.

Have you met yours yet?